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Chris Chowen

Creative Technologist

Hi, I'm Chris Chowen, an avid technologist and passionate creator at the intersection of multimedia, technology, and design. My journey spans across game design, virtual reality development, and AI, making my expertise as varied as the technologies I play with. From managing The FuseBox, an innovation hub supporting startups in cutting-edge tech, to bringing my own tech projects to life, I immerse myself hands-on into the world of tech.

My programming skills are complemented by my talent as an experienced videographer, livestreamer, and licensed drone operator. This unique blend of tech proficiency and creative multimedia expression allows me to offer a broad spectrum of services to businesses and artists alike.

  • Nationality:British
  • Study:Univercity of Kent
  • Degree:Multimedia Technology and Design
  • Interest:Video Games


  • arrow iconExpertise in C#, HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Lua, C++, and Arduino
  • arrow iconProficiency in VR and AR Development
  • arrow iconAI Integration and Development
  • arrow iconAdvanced Multimedia Production and Livestreaming
  • arrow iconProject Management and Strategic Planning
  • arrow iconTech Education and Public Speaking


  • arrow iconAdvancement of Creative Technologies
  • arrow iconAI Storytelling and Programming
  • arrow iconExploration of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • arrow iconGamification of Business
  • arrow iconSupport for Creative Innovation Hubs
  • arrow iconImmersive Digital Experiences


  • 2014 - 2017

    University of Kent

    First Class Honors
    Multimedia Technology and Design
  • 2009 - 2014

    Brighton College

    A-Level & GCSE
    Computing, Physics, Maths, Design & Technology
  • 2000 - 2009

    Brighton College Prep School

    Early Education


  • 2021 - Now

    Wired Sussex

    Innovation and Technology Manager
  • 2019 - 2021

    Wired Sussex

    Emerging Technologies Coordinator
  • 2018 - 2019

    Wired Sussex

    Emerging Technologies Assistant

How I Can Help

  • 01

    Discovery & Strategy Development

    Weaving business goals with the power of tech.

    Discovery & Strategy Development thumbnail

    I will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current business operations and identify areas where emerging technologies could provide improvements. This process involves understanding your present infrastructure, exploring gaps, and recognizing opportunities where technology could bring in efficiency or innovation.

    In the second step, we will work together to create a strategic plan that aligns with your business goals. I'll ensure that the technology implementation we plan not only complements but enhances your existing business processes, and supports your long-term vision.

  • 02

    Emerging Tech Education

    Decoding tech complexities for your team.

    Emerging Tech Education thumbnail

    The ever-evolving landscape of technology can often be intimidating. My educational sessions are designed to demystify complex tech topics for your team. Tailored to your business's specific needs and interests, these sessions can cover areas such as artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, blockchain, IoT, and more.

    The aim is to not only educate but also foster a mindset that embraces technology as an enabler. Post sessions, your team will have a clearer understanding of the tech concepts and feel more confident about integrating them into their daily operations.

  • 03

    Solution Sourcing & Custom Development

    Finding or creating the right tech solution for you.

    Solution Sourcing & Custom Development thumbnail

    Once your needs are identified, the next step is to source the best technological solutions for your business. This could involve researching and identifying the right existing platforms or tools that can serve your needs effectively. However, sometimes businesses require a more bespoke solution.

    In such cases, I leverage my programming skills in various languages to custom develop applications or systems tailored to your requirements. Whether it's sourcing or creating, the focus remains on aligning the solution with your specific business objectives and workflows.

  • 04

    Implementation & Project Management

    Steering your tech project towards success.

    Implementation & Project Management thumbnail

    Implementing a tech solution goes beyond its installation. It's about ensuring that the solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, and your team is comfortable using it. As part of this service, I oversee the implementation process of the agreed-upon technological solutions, coordinating with your internal team and any third-party vendors.

    The implementation is accompanied by robust project management that involves timeline and budget control, risk management, and ensuring project objectives are met. By keeping all aspects under control, I aim to make the implementation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

  • 05

    Performance Evaluation & Optimization

    Maximizing your tech investment returns.

    Performance Evaluation & Optimization thumbnail

    After implementation, it's critical to review and understand how the tech solution is performing. This involves tracking key metrics and KPIs to evaluate the impact on your business. My performance evaluation service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of how well the solution is working, how it's improving your operations, and whether it's delivering the expected return on investment.

    Based on this analysis, I provide insights and recommendations for optimization. This ensures that your tech solutions remain in tune with your business needs and continue to deliver maximum value.

  • 06

    Multimedia Production and Livestreaming

    Crafting compelling digital content.

    Multimedia Production and Livestreaming thumbnail

    In today's digital age, compelling multimedia content can give your business a significant edge. Leveraging my experience in videography, livestreaming, and drone operation, I offer advanced multimedia services that can help your business create unique and engaging content.

    This could involve designing and executing multi-camera livestreams, producing video content for digital marketing, or creating a unique perspective through drone videography. Further, I also provide 3D scanning services that can be used for creating virtual tours or enhancing your AR/VR


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Fun Facts

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    Successful Projects
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My Thoughts

  • Programming with GPT Blog thumbnail

    An Endless Flow of Ideas and A Persistent Roadblock

    As an avid technologist, I've never been short on creative ideas. They bubble up like a geyser - each one more exciting than the last, stirring a sense of obsession to bring them to life. As much as I relished in this creative process, there was an all-too-familiar antagonist: The Technical Roadblock.

    There I would be, in the thick of development, when I'd run up against a challenge I couldn't crack. Without the resources to hire someone and with a stubborn desire to handle every aspect of a project, many of these beautiful ideas would inevitably get relegated to the back of my mind. Yes, the process made me a Jack-of-All-Trades in technology, but it was frustrating nonetheless.

    Enter GPT-4: A Technological Game Changer

    Imagine my delight when OpenAI released GPT-4, or as I like to call it, my private junior developer. After a year of playing around with AI, primarily in the realm of generative art, I found something that could truly amplify my creative output.

    GPT-4 doesn't just help me code – it understands me. It listens patiently to my convoluted queries and idiosyncratic understanding of programming concepts, without a hint of judgement. If I'm stuck, I merely need to ask it to "explain it to me like I'm 12 years old," and it gladly obliges.

    Starting with simple website creation, I found myself continually pushing the boundaries of what I could achieve with my new companion. CSS styling? GPT-4 handles it with more finesse than I ever could. And when I introduced it to documentation from niche projects or APIs, GPT-4 became an instant expert. This became particularly interesting when I was able to build chatbots, something GPT-4 wouldn't know out-of-the-box due to its 2021 knowledge cutoff.

    Converting Imagination into Reality

    Armed with GPT-4, I was finally able to manifest my creative whims. The FuseBox chatbot, Google Doc extensions, a GPT-powered game in Unity, a Python tool transforming children's drawings into regency era masterpieces – these are not just ideas anymore but tangible creations, all brought to life thanks to GPT-4's assistance.

    What's more, these projects didn't require weeks to complete; with GPT-4, I managed to see them through in a matter of hours or over an evening. Error messages no longer stumped me for long. One simple copy-paste, and GPT-4 swoops in with a solution.

    A Tinge of Existential Dread

    However, this new dynamic does raise an existential question: If GPT-4 is so adept at programming, and indeed, even idea-generation, what's left for me? It's a fear I didn't fully comprehend when I was dabbling in AI art and observed artists voicing their concerns. But as GPT-4 continues to prove its prowess, I now find myself empathising with their perspective.

    Yet, I choose to view it optimistically. I believe that our humanity, our unique experiences, perspectives, and our capacity to dream and create is something that AI, no matter how advanced, cannot replicate.

    Yes, GPT-4 is an incredible tool, a powerful assistant. It helps us leap over technical hurdles, speed up development, and bring ideas to life quicker than we could ever have managed alone. But the seed of creativity, the spark of an idea, and the passion to manifest it still lies within us, the humans.

    So, as we march towards an exciting future brimming with AI-assisted creativity, let's remember: tools are only as good as the people who wield them. And when the tool is GPT-4 and the wielder a passionate creator, the possibilities are truly endless.

    Here's to more coding, creating, and exploring the vast expanse of our imaginations with GPT-4. The future is bright, and I can't wait to see what we create together.

    To the future!


  • Royal holloway talk blog thumbnail

    I recently spent the day in the midst of some incredibly bright minds. I was invited by the one and only Chris Hogg, lecturer in Creative & Social Media at Royal Holloway, to share my learnings about generative AI in creative storytelling. Picture this: a room full of multimedia students, eager to dive headfirst into the endless possibilities of AI and generative media. And in the midst of them, the renowned Professor David Howard, famously known for recreating the voice of a 3,000-year-old mummified Egyptian priest. I promise, the mummy comes back into this story later.

    The talk, aptly titled "Cinematic Synthesis: Generative AI in Creative Storytelling", aimed to illuminate the process behind image generation, voice replication, and even 3D content creation using AI. But this was no standard lecture; oh no, the aim was to put theory into action by asking the students to create a short trailer for their dream movie using these concepts. It was a workshop designed to be as much of an adventure as it was a learning experience.

    I kicked off the talk by introducing the class to a tool called Midjourney. It's an AI model that has taken significant strides in the past few years. The growth in this field was apparent when comparing images from a year ago to today's outputs – the progress is astounding! Together, we explored the realm of prompt engineering and how it can be used to fine-tune AI-generated images.

    And it wasn't just about static images, no siree! The students were also introduced to the magical world of AI-generated 3D content and sound generation. We delved into the exciting prospects of neurally enhanced radiance fields (NERFs), AI's answer to more realistic and high-quality 3D models. Additionally, we explored the fascinating potential of AI mocap with Move.ai, and Wonder Dynamics, which can replace an actor with a CG character. And let's not forget the wild world of AI video generation, currently undergoing its growing pains, but with promise of significant improvements on the horizon.

    In this rollercoaster of a workshop, the students made trailers for their dream films using the AI tools I’d shown them. The result? In just four short hours, they produced films that, while still rough around the edges, were brimming with potential and showcased a fresh approach to filmmaking. The beauty of it all? I managed to employ GPTChat to aid us in generating ideas, content, plots, and even a shotlist - all through AI.

    Now, I did promise you a mummy, didn’t I? The professors, in good spirit, decided to form a team for the workshop and came up with a film idea based on...you guessed it...the mummy! The outcome? An unnervingly compelling horror trailer that I dare say could easily terrify a cinema audience.

    It was genuinely exciting to see how quickly students embraced these advanced tools and concepts. But then again, this is what generative AI does: it breaks barriers, fosters creativity, and opens doors to possibilities we hadn't even considered a few years back. As an industry, we’re moving closer to a point where the only limit to content creation will be our imagination.

    So, what does all of this mean for media going forward? In my opinion, the future of content creation is a marriage of human creativity and AI technology. While the tools and technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, it’s the human element – the creative vision, the ability to dream, and the power to inspire – that will guide the course of these advancements and ensure their use in meaningful, impactful ways.

    And so, to the students, Chris Hogg, and even the mummy, thank you for this amazing experience. I learned as much from all of you as I hope you did from me.

  • Alternative stages blog thumbnail

    Rockin' the Digital Music Scene

    For years, the digital music scene was somewhat like a cool kid dressed in their parents' clothes. Yes, you could see the potential, but something was missing - the soul of the live gig experience, the energy of the crowd, the camaraderie among attendees. Everything was there, but it felt a bit...isolated, a tad sterile.

    Enter Alternative Stages. Our vision? To design a platform that would offer a truly immersive, interactive, and social VR gig experience. We wanted to transport fans to Brighton's iconic grassroots music venues - right from the comfort of their own homes.

    Building the Digital Playground

    We started by LIDAR and 3D scanning iconic Brighton venues - The Green Door Store, The Hope and Ruin, St Georges Church, and the Brighton Dome Auditorium. We then recorded performances, each artist captured in 4k glory, with static lighting to match the scanned venue's atmosphere.

    I cannot begin to tell you the joy I felt when we first explored these digital replicas. The level of detail was mind-boggling! It was like capturing a moment in time, preserving the venues as they were, giving us the ability to revisit them anytime, anywhere. And believe me, the 'wow' factor never wears off!

    The Art of Moderation and a Slice of Chaos

    Then came the crucial part: moderation. We wanted to ensure that everyone could enjoy the gigs without disruptions. So, we kept a tight lid on the ability to spawn objects or media. The gigs went smoothly, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. But a little experiment on the side made me rethink our approach.

    One day, I invited my World of Warcraft guild to a private room on our platform. For them, I lifted the restrictions, let them spawn whatever they wished, and boy, did they run wild with it! Anime characters, gifs of strippers - it was a chaos-fuelled digital playground. And here's the surprising bit - they loved it, more so than our "normal" attendees!

    Lessons Learned - Gamification and Freedom

    That experiment taught me a valuable lesson about the divide between what big tech companies think users want and what they actually desire. You see, my WoW guild wasn't just playing around; they were experimenting, being creative, and engaging with the platform in ways we hadn't imagined. They were not just viewers; they were active participants, creators in their own right.

    And this, my friends, leads me to a crucial point about the future of the Metaverse. Now, I know what you're thinking. The word 'Metaverse' has become a bit of a hot potato after Zuckerberg staked his claim on it. But believe me, his vision of a clean, corporate Metaverse is not the only path we can take.

    I envision a future where our digital spaces reflect the fun, the messiness, and the joy of human interaction. An environment where we can truly express our creativity, make a little mess, and, yes, even offend our sensibilities a bit (within limits, of course). Because isn't that what makes us human?

    So here's to a future filled with music, fun, freedom, and a sprinkle of chaos! To the future, we go!




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